Interview Questions (invitation only)

1. Where are we talking from today?

2. How is 2018 treating you so far?

3. How did you get involved in music?

4. When did you make music a priority?

5. What inspires you daily to write & record music?

6. Name 1-2 highly influential musicians that you listen to & respect?

7.  When it comes to how the music enthusiast listens to your album do you prefer they buy or stream and why?

8.  Do you have an album/EP out now that readers should check out or are you about releasing singles?

9. Music wise, what are you working on?

10. Do you have any plans to tour?

11. When you are not making music what else do you enjoy to do?

12.  Where you @ online?

Please send us 2-4 good band pics.

If there is a specific track or video you would like to promote please send us the Sound Cloud or YouTube link.

Please send all questions and answers to (do not text interview back to us)

Feel free to check us out online at or