Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Soulful Sunday's in Chicago

Sunday, November 4th, the place to be in Chicago, IL will be Reggies Music Joint 2109 S. State Street. Artist Brandon James and Nolan Entertainment will be presenting Soulful Sunday's. The monthly recurring event will feature Brandon James, Duke Music, Erthe St.James. The show starts at 7:00, tickets are $10.00 and it is sure to be a packed house so please arrive a little early for the show. 


Advanced Tickets -




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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

@entirelypr Q&A With Nona Brown

1. Where are we talking from today?
Oakland, CA

2. How is 2018 treating you so far? heart has taken a blow in 2018 with the passing of so many loved ones however, there were experiences in which my heart was filled with joy and excitement.

3. How did you get involved in music?
I began playing piano and singing in church in my early teens years.

4. When did you make music a priority?
Music has always been a priority in life because it makes my heart happy when all else fails.
5. What inspires you daily to write & record music?
Anything can inspire me but I would say "love" and "God" have been my greatest inspirations.

6. Name 1-2 highly influential musicians that you listen to & respect?
Truthfully I listen to all types of music and respect most musicians but if I just had to name 2 I would say "Stevie Wonder" and Roberta Flack"

7.  When it comes to how the music enthusiast listens to your album do you prefer they buy or stream and why?
Of course I would prefer that they purchase my music because this is my work (intellectual property). You can't make a living without getting paid. On the other hand, since my music is intended to inspire, uplift and create an environment for healing then, streaming it is!!!

8.  Do you have an album/EP out now that readers should check out or are you about releasing singles?
I recorded my first live album on September 22nd so listeners can look forward to the release sometime before spring, 2019. In the meantime I have a few singles out there.

9. Music wise, what are you working on?
As I stated previously, I recorded my first live recording on September 22nd so, we will begin getting that ready for release sometime before spring, 2019.

10. Do you have any plans to tour?
Yes, I will be in Gap, France October, 2019 and hope to add dates in Paris and Italy.

11. When you are not making music what else do you enjoy to do?
I love hanging out with family and friends, walking and dining at great restaurants.

12.  Where you @ online?
FB: Nona Brown and Nonalisabrown
Intagram: nonalisabrown
Twitter: nonalisabrown

Monday, October 29, 2018

Top 10 Best Horror Movies (from the vault)

Well here is the list of our top 10 best horror movies. While some of you may not agree, we had the whole crew here at the EPR blog vote and below are the ones that were picked.

1. Exorcist

2. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

3. Saw

4. The Amityville Horror

5. Halloween 

6. The Hills Have Eyes 

7. Drag Me to Hell

8. Dawn of the Dead 

9. Candyman

10. Jeepers Creepers 

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Introducing Chicago's New King of Soul “ Brandon James"

Chicago's very own “ Brandon James" is ready for success, and he wants you to know it. The r&b and soul singer is creating a strong buzz with the recent release of his video “There She Goes” on YouTube.

 "There She Goes" is the title track for the two-track E.P released on August 3rd, 2018.  Links have been provided for the public and media to view the video for "There She Goes." Radio and media can receive a copy of the video or audio per request.

 Chicago native Brandon James was born "Brandon James Foster". He states that he "started doing music as an outlet for depression early in life. I wasn't very popular in school and I was considered a latchkey kid due to my mother's work schedule and my father's battles with alcoholism." On a teacher's suggestion to find extracurricular activities, Brandon joined the choir. He finished the eighth grade with a determination to elevate his understanding of music and succeed with his own music.

 Constantly challenging himself to become better at his craft, he has taken voice lessons from Bobby Wilsyn, Ars Musica, and Andrew Schultze. He has played with Earth, Wind & Fire and performed at some of Chicago’s most notable venues including the UIC Pavilion and the House of Blues. Brandon has also earned a degree in music performance and business from the Columbia College of Chicago. Forever seeking to share his story and testimony, Brandon seeks to inspire, touch hearts and provoke thought with his music.


Video Link:




Sound Cloud

You Tube



Commercial Radio Myths (from the vault)

Original article by Bryan Farrish

When talking to people who are launching their first couple of projects, invariably the same misunderstood points come up concerning commercial regular-rotation airplay. Here they are:

DJs PLAY THE RECORDS: This only applies to non-commercial radio, and specialty/mixshow radio. The majority of people in the U.S., however, listen to commercial regular-rotation radio, and on these stations, the DJs have no say at all in what is going to be played (unless, in the case of a smaller station, the DJ is also the PD). So, the biggest pitfall to avoid is asking a DJ at a commercial station "Can I give you my CD for possible rotation?". The DJ is not allowed to say "No", and he/she is probably not going to explain that only the PD can approve regular rotation. The DJ is just going to say "OK".

GOOD SONGS SPREAD TO OTHER STATIONS: Good songs (or for that matter, good programs) do not mystically spread to other stations. Every single song you hear (or every syndicated program you hear) on commercial regular-rotation radio is on that station because of layers of promotion and marketing. The song you hear was the one that made it... it beat out the other 300 songs that were going for adds that week. What you don't hear are the endless phone calls, faxes, trade ads, personal meetings, consultant recommendations, call-out research, and other things which went into getting the station to add the record. All you heard was the record itself. And station owners make it a requirement that DJs make it sound like they picked the music themselves.

COLLEGE OR SPECIALTY/MIXSHOW WILL EXPAND TO COMMERCIAL: Just because you do well on non-commercial or specialty/mixshow radio, it does not mean anything will happen on commercial regular-rotation radio. Matter of fact, nothing at all will happen at commercial unless a separate, higher-level campaign is put into place to take the record into regular rotation. The pitfall here is that a listener will hear something on college, and then a month later hear it on commercial, and conclude that the college caused the commercial to happen. The listener did not know that both campaigns were in place simultaneously, and the college simply went for adds a month earlier.

YOU HAVE TO BE SIGNED: Untrue. Being singed is only a signal to the stations that the basic marketing practices are going to be done right. If you have the budget, you can duplicate the marketing practices of larger labels, provided you know how. The band Creed set a good example of putting their $5 million marketing dollars into the right place.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

WWE Raw Preview, Oct. 22, 2018:

Original article from:

Raw Preview, Oct. 22, 2018:

McIntyre throws down the gauntlet
Drew McIntyre dropped Braun Strowman, and Ronda Rousey dissed The Bella Twins in a tense episode of Raw last week.

How will the fallout effect Team Red as major title matches at Crown Jewel and WWE Evolution draw near? Find out on Raw, live at Monday at 8/7 C on USA Network.

Big man fall hard

Braun Strowman laid down the law to Dolph Ziggler & Drew McIntyre before their rubber match with The Shield: You mess up,you pay. Ziggler got pinned, and Braun got angry, but McIntyre had the last word, leveling The Monster Among Men with a Claymore after the titanic Superstar had flattened McIntyre’s fellow Raw Tag Team Champion with a Running Powerslam. The Scottish
Psychopath notably didn’t help Ziggler to his feet after the confrontation — he just walked to the top of the ring and stared Strowman down — but it appeared a line in the sand had been drawn for Strowman nonetheless. Braun is known to take his time with his enemies, but with a Universal Title opportunity looming at Crown Jewel, can he afford to fight a war on two fronts?

You know who I am

Elias found himself clowned by a very unexpected individual this week, and we don’t mean Gritty. Apollo Crews decided to make a locker room power play at the expense of one of WWE’s fastest-rising — if divisive — Superstars, and he delivered in the moment, leaving Elias scrambling after cutting off his concert and dropping him with a spectacular press slam. Crews certainly made a statement, but Elias has a long track record of overreacting when his spotlight is stolen. It’s on now.

As goes Dean Ambrose

So goes The Shield? Dean Ambrose’s commitment to his brothers was under a microscope yet again on last week’s Raw, and The Lunatic Fringe sent the most overt signals yet that he was unhappy with his perceived role in the trio (he thinks he’s only there to be the wild card). Ambrose came close to laying out Intercontinental Champion Seth Rollins with Dirty Deeds after a couple of inadvertent collisions, but Universal Champion Roman Reigns managed to right the ship and steer The Shield to a main-event victory that seemingly cooled things off. As we’ve come to learn, however, it’s best to take things week-to-week with Dean Ambrose, and it’s anyone’s guess what this week will bring.

Lashing out
When he’s not sending Kevin Owens to the shelf or full nelson-ing Tyler Breeze into unconsciousness, Bobby Lashley has showcased his new attitude with increasingly blatant disrespect of Finn Bálor. The first-ever Universal Champion has thus far taken the high road, but Lashley
can only do the most muscular pose in Bálor’s face while Lio Rush cackles for so long. In fact, Bálor added an ominous caption to a social media photo of their last face-off: “Bigger they are …” Maybe this is the week he decides to see how hard Lashley falls.

Bellas vs Ronda

Ronda Rousey and The Bella Twins held nothing back in their first confrontation after Nikki & Brie betrayed The Baddest Woman on the Planet to set up a Raw Women’s Title Match between Rousey and Nikki at WWE Evolution. But Nikki & Brie wisely kept from throwing hands with Rousey
before they had to, instead sending a crew of hapless security goons to their demise while making themselves scarce. If their strategy is to rile up the champion to such a degree that they can catch her unaware, then, well … that’s not a bad strategy. They had just better hope
they keep her off their tails for one more week; find out if they can when Raw airs Monday, live at 8/7 C on USA Network.

Monday, October 22, 2018

@entirelypr Q&A With Ty Skillz

1. Where are we talking from today?

A. I am talking about being heard and living out my goal.

2. How is 2018 treating you so far?

A. 2018 is treating me not so good losing a lot of family members and friends, but also gaining fans.

3. How did you get involved in music?

A. My brother Musa Major and My brother Taimer Singleton push me to express my talent with my lyrical skills.

4. When did you make music a priority?

A.  I made music priority when I start really believing in myself that I really have a gift and the world need to know.

5. What inspires you daily to write & record music?

A. What inspires me to make music is Life every day is different and I just express it in songs to touch people with my words

6. Name 1-2 highly influential musicians that you listen to & respect?

A. Jadakiss and J Cole

7.  When it comes to how the music enthusiast listens to your album do you prefer they buy or stream and why?

A. I feel they should do both because with streaming you can check out if the music is good or not it's your choice to support the artist or not.

8.  Do you have an album/EP out now that readers should check out or are you about releasing singles?

A. Yes, I have a lot of music out on Dat Piff, Reverb Nation, SoundCloud, the list goes on lol just Google me.

9. Music wise, what are you working on?

A. Right now I'm working on my single called Up in da morning produce by Sixman and then maybe the album.

10. Do you have any plans to tour?

A. Yes, I plan on doing a small tour to get closer to the people so they can vibe with my music.

11. When you are not making music what else do you enjoy to do?

A. I love to stay active playing basketball checking out other artist music and shows.

12.  Where you @ online?

A. I am on Facebook music page vision of mine, SoundCloud, YouTube, Instagram.

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Halloween Franchise In Good Shape

I have always been a Halloween movie fan. From the first time I saw John Carpenter's original when I was 12. Over the years I've seen many sequels and the the reboot. Also worth noting is Halloween 3, which had nothing to do with Michael Myers. Needless to say, the franchise has suffered a few terrible and confusing movies. Halloween Resurrection almost killed the franchise, putting Michael Myers up against Busta Rhymes. Rob Zombie tried but failed to hit the mark. He even took the iconic piano song out of his Halloween 2. You can't have Michael Myers without his theme music.

In the latest edition simply titled Halloween, the franchise returned to its true form. The movie features the original stars who played Laurie Strode and Michael Myers. John Carpenter did the soundtrack and help produced the film. The movie intro is even spot on to looking like the original. I was hooked from scene one. Michael even returned to his original form as the shape. The movie felt like the original, often following Michael directly and from his point of view.

In my opinion the movie is as good as the original. Meticulously filmed to capture the uniqueness and creepiness that made the original movie so special. Rumors abound says there will be a sequel but why bother. Obviously the franchise will go on, but there's no need to continue this film. You rarely catch lightning in a bottle once let alone twice. Both the original and the modern Halloween should go down as masterpieces.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Congratulations Joe The Bluesman For Your Feature In The Band Camp Diaries

Original article at -

Joe The Bluesman - Ole Black Cat

Joe The Bluesman is an artist with a really instinctive and intuitive approach to his sound. In particular, Joe has a special way to combine exciting modern energy with timeless rock and blues aesthetics. His most recent studio release, “Ole Black Cat” is actually a really exciting example of this and more. The song begins with a really cool, dark approach to guitar riffing, which makes me think of psychobilly acts such as The Cramps or Tiger Army, only to mention but a few. The haunting vocal delivery of Joe The Bluesman is particularly special, because it makes me think of The Stray Cats’ Brian Setzer combined with Glen Danzig (the Misfits), making for a really unique feel.

If you like high-powered blues rock with an edgy vibe, this is for you! Find out more about Joe The Bluesman, and listen to “Ole Black Cat” via the following link:

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

WWE Raw Is Ratings

Raw stormed the screen this week with a star studded but lack luster show. For a while now WWE's staple show has been in the dumps with it's ratings. On top of that you have the company's plan to move into foreign markets more in full effect. The rumor mill spun out a story of WWE inking a long term deal with Saudi Arabia recently. Part of this deal was that WWE would bring back more of it's legends to perform. It's obvious now that WWE is playing ball.

So here we are with another WWE raw overcrowded with aged out superstars trying to still shine. Don't get me wrong, I love HHH, HBK, The Undertaker etc. These guys were past their prime 15 years ago. Now there just old stars, old news trying to shine amongst the young stars.

The point I'm trying to drive home here is this, WWE needs to move on. The ratings game is lame. Half of the world doesn't even watch TV or have cable anymore. I usually watch Raw on Hulu the day after or YouTube the night of. WWE is trying so hard for good TV ratings that the content of the show itself sucks. I don't care if you bring out a 1000 year old DX or Kane. Obviously they are there to put butts in seats, but that's all there doing.

The burden of actually entertaining the audience is left to the young stars. Their is a plethora of great young talent on Raw. Unfortunately there story lines and careers seem to be taking a back seat to the legends and it shows in the weak storylines.

WWE spit out another mediocore show overcrowded with aged out stars. Hopefully next week their concerned with the shows content and not ratings and making Saudi Arabia happy.

Monday, October 15, 2018

G Funk Documentary Shows How The West Coast Once Regulated The Rap Industry

You Tube is really gunning to become a top dog in the music & TV industry. The networks YouTube premium and YouTube TV services are now competing on the same level with Pandora and Netflix. YouTube premium recently hosted Eminem's Kamikaze album and Warren G's G Funk documentary.

Warren G's documentary depicts a first hand account of the rise of G Funk music. The doc features footage and narration of the Dr Dre Chronic album recording sessions. Snoop Dogg's debut album recording sessions and Warren G's debut album recording sessions. All three records encompassing the G Funk music style. Of course all three records are now well known classics.

As detailed in the documentary G Funk was derived from P Funk. The doc goes into great detail describing how funk music over the decades laid the ground work for G Funk and west coast rap itself.

Today those records are classics and G Funk gave in to the modern industry years ago. Still it's nice to take a trip down memory lane, especially west coast style.

G Funk is a beautifully shot documentary that is well worth the watch. If YouTube keeps rolling out content like this, then the premium service need not worth about its place in the music and TV industry high archy.

Saturday, October 13, 2018


Venom is campy and creepy. Tom Hardy's portrayal of the Marvel villain is something to see. Hardy plays the character spot on with a mixture of comedy and melancholy. The voice in his head providing a dark and violent tone as the movie trucks along.

I got to say, Michael Bay either was or should've been called in. If the movie would have had even one more explosion, it would have been the next Transformers sequel. It was overkill on the special effects and destruction scenes. The movie had a decent enough plot and Hardy's portrayal of the character to keep you interested.

Venom reminded me a lot of the Tobey Maguire Spiderman movies. The film was dark but comical, a lot like Maguire's Spiderman films. It was a nice relief from the oncoming line of dark super hero movies. The irony here being that Venom is as twisted as they get.

Overall this was a pretty decent movie.

Congratulations To Brandon James For His Review In The Band Camp Diaries

Read The Original Article:

Brandon James recently released a stunning single and matching music video titled “There She Goes.” The track displays a really strong combination of old-school R&B, pop and even hits of rock, going for a very uplifting arrangement. Comparisons with classic acts like Al Green, James Brown or Bill Withers immediately come to mind, as Brandon and his band set out to really charm their audience with charismatic lyrics, catchy hooks and passionate performance values. The video is interesting to watch and really well-produced, acting as a perfect match with the song’s mood and style. There is a certain retro charm, which really defines this song. However, this isn’t a nostalgia act. “There She Goes” is a fresh track with a nice romantic vein and a really cool twist. This is definitely a great taste of Brandon’s talent as a vocalist, as well as the chemistry of his bandmates. Together, this line up really managed to create something quite vibrant and unique, setting the bar higher and inspiring listeners with a really cool song.

Find out more about Brandon James, and do not miss out on “There She Goes” and other releases from this amazing artist:

There She Goes Music Video -

E.P.K -

Website -

Thursday, October 11, 2018

@entirelypr Q&A With Bad Ass Beauty

1. Where are we talking from today?

My couch... Where my cat Callisto happens to be staring at me in a frighteningly judgemental tone.  I have no idea why he has an attitude this morning... He's the one who kept ME up all night running around at top speed and screaming at the top of his lungs... Random thoughts...

2. How is 2018 treating you so far?

2018 has kicked my ass up,  down,  around and sideways... Then went in from the roota to the toota. But I'm still here.  '18 will be gone in a few months but I aint goin nowhere.  That's the story of my life in a nutshell.  Feel free to put that on my urn when the time comes. I will make sure the extra words are covered in the budget costs!  Lol!  Wow.. 

3. How did you get involved in music?

I emerged from he womb with a mic in my hand a song in my lungs and envisioning a stage to set on fire!!!

4. When did you make music a priority?

7th or 8th grade?  Somewhere in that neighborhood...

5. What inspires you daily to write & record music?

LIFE!!!!  Experiences!!! The grind... the beauty the chaos and heart wrenching fucked-up-ness of it all...

6. Name 1-2 highly influential musicians that you listen to & respect?

Beyonce!  I mean... Come on... Fucking Beyonce!!! She is everything... And Amy Lee of the band Evanescence. I always had a love and respect for rock music.  But when I heard this band I was like OMG!!!  Women can go balls out and kill it in the rock game!  Yessss... I must do this...

7.  When it comes to how the music enthusiast listens to your album do you prefer they buy or stream and why?

Well of course the ultimate blessing is to get paid for your passion and the thing u put so much blood sweat tears and effort into. It's called living your WHOLE best life!  But streaming is great too.  Just listen to it by any means necessary.  Who knows what you will get from it or how it will move u! OR u might hate it...i'm not for everybody and I'm more than down with personal preferences and choice. At least u gave it a chance! 

8.  Do you have an album/EP out now that readers should check out or are you about releasing singles?

Album:  The 4 Horsemen

9. Music wise, what are you working on?

It's all in my head at the moment... I'm on the lookout for a producer that can handle me and all the crazy that goes along with me and is mad open minded different and creative.  If that's u or anyone close to u... Holla at me!

10. Do you have any plans to tour?

Someday.  Just not today.

11. When you are not making music what else do you enjoy to do?

Lounging on my couch doing cherry vodka shots,  smoking a bowl and watching reality TV or some other kind of whacked out show. (Talk shit if u will...i'm doin me) OR going out with my people drinking vodka gimlets and seeing what kind of mess we can scare up.  I'm a try anything once kinda girl... As long as it won't hurt... I don't like pain...pain is not a good time... OR... I get lost in my own head... Like... A LOT.  Hours can go by before I realize ive "gone elsewhere" for a bit.  That's how I sort stuff out and create and figure this life shit out... Or try to at least!

12.  Where you @ online?

Instagram:  badassbeauty2012

Monday, October 8, 2018

@entirelypr Q&A With Raymond Dickerson's Command and Control

1. Where are we talking from today?
A. Thibodaux, Louisiana

2. How is 2018 treating you so far?
A. it has been a blessed, enlightening and productive year thus far

3. How did you get involved in music?
A.  since i was a teen i have always had a passion music and being born on May 3 (James Brown birthday) and with the name Ray Charles it was predestined 

4.When did you make music a priority?
A. After the death of nephew, Reggie Bolin, I decided dedicate myself to my craft.

5.What inspires you daily to write & record music?
A. Life’s  miracles and teachable moments.

6. Name 1-2 highly influential musicians that you listen to & respect?
A. I love listening to Earth Wind and Fire and Cameo for inspiration.

7. When it comes to how the music enthusiast listens to your album do you prefer they buy or stream and why?
A. My album is eclectic and consists of several genres therefore the buyer should a pick and choose that best suit their personal tastes and preferences.

8. Do you have an album/EP out now that readers should check out or are you about releasing singles?
A. Yes the album is titled Raymond Dickerson’s Command and Control “Epiphany” and is available on all major online outlets.

9. Music wise, what are you working on?
A. Currently I am promoting tracks for the Epiphany Album and I do have several song ready for production.

10. Do you have any plans to tour?
A.  My management team is looking the analytics and demographics to structure a logistically feasible tour.

11. When you are not making music what else do you enjoy to do?
A.  Living as good of a Christian life i possible can, being a single Dad and maneuvering the learning curve while raising two teenagers.

12. Where you @ online?
A. You can search any engine with Raymond Dickerson’s Command and Control or

Thursday, October 4, 2018

@entirelypr Q&A With Our Truth

1. Where are we talking from today?
We are in Los Angeles 

2. How is 2018 treating you so far?
Very well, thank you! :) We have been busy writing songs, plus we are writing a musical, and this year we had a dream come true :) We  performed with a full orchestra - a cover song from Buffalo Springfield at a fundraiser event

3. How did you get involved in music?
Both of our parents were singers and music was always playing at home. Our mom says we sang before we spoke :) We were the singing twin sisters of our town, and started performing at the age of eight. 

4. When did you make music a priority?
Music was always there and it influenced us both a little different at the beginning. Corinna knew from little on, that she wanted to be a singer, but Isabelle's dream was to at first live a life of business, seeing music as just something that's always there. Our father had declined a record deal in the 60s, believing that music could never be seen as a 'real' job. But when he died, everything changed and Isabelle joined Corinna in a band named COUSIN KATE, which taught us a lot, but eventually dissolved. Bringing us to today and OUR TRUTH :) 

5. What inspires you daily to write & record music?
Love would be the quick answer :) There is always a song playing in our heads and melodies and lyrics often just suddenly come out of nowhere

6. Name 1-2 highly influential musicians that you listen to & respect?
Isabelle's favorite musician is David Bowie and Corinna's biggest influences are Kate Bush and Olivia Newton-John

7.  When it comes to how the music enthusiast listens to your album do you prefer they buy or stream and why?
Whatever makes them happy. Although of course preferred would be what brings the most income, since the more money there is, the more possiblities there are to share ourselves on a larger scale

8.  Do you have an album/EP out now that readers should check out or are you about releasing singles?
We have been releasing singles, there are 5 available online right now. We are about to release our 6th song, the German version of our last release BACK TO LOVE - with a bit different instrumentation

9. Music wise, what are you working on?
We are working on writing our musical and recording the songs for it. All songs that have been released so far are part of the musical.  

10. Do you have any plans to tour?
Absolutely! Our music is meant to be shared with the world, that is our mission, so yes!! But at this moment we are building a catalogue and as soon as we have enough songs recorded, we are ready for touring.

11. When you are not making music what else do you enjoy to do?
We love being in nature, dancing, writing, painting, connecting with people and helping others to feel happy/better/good

12.  Where you @ online?
Our website is

Here is a YouTube link to the official video of our song "In My Heart":

 OUR TRUTH - In My Heart (Official music video)

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

@entirelypr Q&A With Anthony Avila

1. Where are we talking from today?
Sherman Oaks, Ca

2. How is 2018 treating you so far?
So far 2018 is has been a great year.

3. How did you get involved in music?
I’ve always been a lover for music from the time I can remember. I always loved listening to to the radio.I started taking guitar lessons in the first grade.

4. When did you make music a priority?
Music has always been a priority. I knew at a young age I wanted to be a songwriter or something that has to do with entertainment and the arts.

5. What inspires you daily to write & record music? Faith ,love and God I am merely a vessel.

6. Name 1-2 highly influential musicians that you listen to & respect? The Beatles, Stevie Wonder

7.  When it comes to how the music enthusiast listens to your album do you prefer they buy or stream and why? It’s doesn’t matter to me whether they buy it or stream as long as they’re listening to it.

8.  Do you have an album/EP out now that readers should check out or are you about releasing singles? I do I’m the lead singer/songwriter for the band Harmonious Fits based out of Los Angeles,Ca.One EP Great Majority and a full album The Odd Get Even and a single Grow With Me all available on Amazon and iTunes.

9. Music wise, what are you working on? Right now I’m finishing up some songs with producer John Cardoso out of Sounds Select Music based out of Long Island,New York. My first single Don’t Let Go will be released late fall 2018

10. Do you have any plans to tour?Yes spring 2019 I will do a West Coast tour and a summer East Coast tour in the New England area.

11. When you are not making music what else do you enjoy to do? I enjoy sketch comedy. Recently I wrote and directed the Indie film The BoogAvila Brothers I also enjoy surfing and spending time with my big Portuguese family.

12.  Where you @ online? AnthonyAvila.Net HarmoniousFits.Com\