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Review of Snoop Dogg & Boyz 2 Men "Santa Clause Goes Straight To The Ghetto," and more.

Snoop Dogg & Boyz 2 Men 

Santa Clause Goes Straight To The Ghetto

Instant classic 4 out of 4. What a great throwback of a track. I'm not sure how if this is an original or a remix of his older version of the song. Two of the kings of the 90's Snoop Dogg and Boyz 2 Men, collaborating for Christmas. Snoop, sounds good no matter what type of track it is, hell it could be a country song and Snoop would rock it. It is no surprise his lyrics sound smooth as silk, rapping about the 12 days of Christmas in the hood. Plus it's nice to hear Boyz 2 Men again.

Lil Xan 

Wake Up

3 out of 4. Ruthless beat meshed with awesome delivery on the lyrics. I got to say, I'm not the biggest fan of some of rap's new styles. I often hear a lack of lyrical skill descised as modern creativity over crappy home studio prouduced beats. On this track Lil Xan hit it right on the mark. The right beat with the right delvery of lyrics.



2 out of 4. Attempting here not to give the artist and song too much of a hard time, I did dig the beat. The track itself is quite hypnotic and vibes well all the through. Lyrically, it's just not there.

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Commercial Radio Myths

Original article by Bryan Farrish

When talking to people who are launching their first couple of projects, invariably the same misunderstood points come up concerning commercial regular-rotation airplay. Here they are:

DJs PLAY THE RECORDS: This only applies to non-commercial radio, and specialty/mixshow radio. The majority of people in the U.S., however, listen to commercial regular-rotation radio, and on these stations, the DJs have no say at all in what is going to be played (unless, in the case of a smaller station, the DJ is also the PD). So, the biggest pitfall to avoid is asking a DJ at a commercial station "Can I give you my CD for possible rotation?". The DJ is not allowed to say "No", and he/she is probably not going to explain that only the PD can approve regular rotation. The DJ is just going to say "OK".

GOOD SONGS SPREAD TO OTHER STATIONS: Good songs (or for that matter, good programs) do not mystically spread to other stations. Every single song you hear (or every syndicated program you hear) on commercial regular-rotation radio is on that station because of layers of promotion and marketing. The song you hear was the one that made it... it beat out the other 300 songs that were going for adds that week. What you don't hear are the endless phone calls, faxes, trade ads, personal meetings, consultant recommendations, call-out research, and other things which went into getting the station to add the record. All you heard was the record itself. And station owners make it a requirement that DJs make it sound like they picked the music themselves.

COLLEGE OR SPECIALTY/MIXSHOW WILL EXPAND TO COMMERCIAL: Just because you do well on non-commercial or specialty/mixshow radio, it does not mean anything will happen on commercial regular-rotation radio. Matter of fact, nothing at all will happen at commercial unless a separate, higher-level campaign is put into place to take the record into regular rotation. The pitfall here is that a listener will hear something on college, and then a month later hear it on commercial, and conclude that the college caused the commercial to happen. The listener did not know that both campaigns were in place simultaneously, and the college simply went for adds a month earlier.

YOU HAVE TO BE SIGNED: Untrue. Being singed is only a signal to the stations that the basic marketing practices are going to be done right. If you have the budget, you can duplicate the marketing practices of larger labels, provided you know how. The band Creed set a good example of putting their $5 million marketing dollars into the right place.

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Bjork Utopia Review

Written by Jasen Keplinger

     Bjork is back with a fresh new creation. Her latest album titled "Utopia" is a fresh perspective on orchestra music combined with a few Electronic riffs. It's not your typical Bjork, and the music is serene.

     For those who prefer Bjork the pop star over Bjork the experimental artist who wants to give you a headache, it is not a hopeful portent.

So it’s a pleasant surprise that the record is considerably more uplifting than her previous foray, 2015’s break-up lament Vulnicura. Assembled in the aftermath of her split from artist Matthew Barney that LP was an excruciating exercise in emotional flagellation, a suite of raw-veined dirges which, though well constructed, made for deeply queasy listening.

     With Utopia, Bjork is learning to live life anew while imbuing the project with an engaging fragility and even naivety. She’s described it as her “Tinder” album and it is with a palpable vulnerability that she sings about moving on from her previous relationship and starting over.

     The palette she has chosen to soundtrack this latest chapter is a mix of whirring harpsichords, and twinkling beats composed, as with Vulnicura, with Venezuelan producer Arca. The new approach yields charming results on single ‘Blissing Me’, a tender tiptoe through the emotional flower-beds that suggests a new age take on the late 1990s Warp Records.

     The theme continues with the gently insistent ‘Courtship’, though evidence that Bjork has not entirely moved away from the old introspection is provided by the brooding ‘Tabula Rasa’, in which the mother of two wonders reflects on how the actions of adults can damage their children.

     Going on for 25 years since her chart-topping debut, Bjork is easily pigeonholed as a batty elf-ling. Utopia is unlikely to challenge the stereotype. But its weirdness has a lulling, beguiling quality and an extraordinary turnabout from an artist who, after years of tumult, has discovered beauty contains its own truths.

     I like the album, although it is very different than the typical Bjork I listen to. It has the majestic moody vibe but without much dance tracks, you're left feeling let down. I would recommend this album to Bjork fans;  however, for a music fan looking for one of her better albums, I would not recommend it. I give it a 7 out of 10 and a solid B.


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Thursday, December 21, 2017

Eminem "Revival" Album Review

The best and worst Eminem record I've ever heard. 

Album Rating 3 out of 4. 
Song Rating System
4 out of 4 - Really liked 
3 out of 4 - Liked 
2 out of 4 - Didn't like 
1 out of 4 - No response 

"Revival" is the ninth studio album by American rapper Eminem. The album was released on December 15th, 2017 through Aftermath Entertainment, Shady Records, and Interscope Records. (Wikipedia

1. Walk On Water (feat. Beyonce) - 4 out of 4 - Probably will go down as one of the most underrated of Eminem's hits. The song encompasses all of the talents and personalities of one of this generations greatest artist. Unlike some of his prior works, the song is not set on a grand stage but a simple piano-driven beat with raw, honest lyrics and a beautiful hook from Beyonce.

2. Believe - 2 out of 4 - It's interesting to hear Eminem switch it up and rap over more trap-like beats. Honestly, he does it better than most of the younger crew using trap like beats daily. Still, the vocals seem dated and a poor attempt at trying to stay current.

3. Chloraseptic (feat Phresher) - 3 out of 4 - Now unlike its predecessor this track showcased Em, on a better put together trap like beat and song overall. The bass is pulsating, hypnotizing and mixes well with Eminem lyrics. Again I have to note it's still an attempt by an aging artist trying to stay current. The hook is addictive, simple and easily gets stuck in your head, Phresher does well feature here.

4. Untouchable - 1 out of 4 - Confusing and perplexing, that's really all I got to say about this one.

5. River (feat. Ed Sheeran) - 1 out of 4 - Although I believe this is one of the album's singles, it sounds so much like "Love The Way You Lie." I can't help but feel the song and lyrics are generic and literally a cheap remake with Ed Sheeran instead of Rihanna, the radio will love it lol.

6. Remind Me (Intro) 

7. Remind Me - 3 out of 4 - Although I just harked on how much "River" was a cheap rip off of "Love The Way You Lie," I like "Remind Me." I admit nostalgia probably has blinded me, considering he remade Joan Jett's "I Love Rock N Roll" on this one, the lyrics are also spot on. Unfortunately, it is also a generic and literally a cheap remake of "Berzerk."

8. Revival (interlude) 

9. Like Home (feat Alicia Keys) - 4 out of 4 - Eminem at his best, doing something original and bullying the bullies, in this instance Donald Trump. The lyrics are beautiful and Alicia Keys makes this track perfect and a monster hit with a message.

10. Bad Husband (feat. X Ambassadors) - 1 out of 4 - I got to say I just didn't like this one. It was a great chance to partner Eminem with an awesome band like X Ambassadors, but somewhere along the way, this collaboration went to crap.

11. Tragic Endings (feat. Skylar Grey) - 3 out of 4 - A great collaboration with a hard-driving beat and this time Em, Isn't trying to stay current, he's just being himself. It's nice to hear him on a more Dre like beat which is what made him famous in the first place. I am not sure if Dre produced this one or not.

12. Framed - 4 out of 4 - My favorite track off the entire record. Once again nostalgia got a hold of me and hearing Eminem back using his more Slim Shady, relapse record era persona was great. He killed this track, period.

13. Nowhere Fast (feat Kehlani) - 1 out of 4 - It's funny the prior track was my favorite of the entire record, and this song, in my opinion, is the worst track on the record. Kehlani's hook is great but aside from that, there isn't much good I can say about this song.

14. Heat - 2 out of 4 - Although the entire track sounds generic and another attempt to remake "Bezerk," I got to say the lyrics and hook are slight enticing.

15. Offended - 4 out of 4 - Awesome track once again showcasing "Slim Shady" persona. The beat is hard driving and Eminem speed and lyrical precision is amazing.  One of my instant favorites.

16. Need Me (feat Pink) - 4 out of 4 - A monster hit just waiting to take the stage. Although 2/3 of the song is Pink's vocal's the mix with Eminem's raps is phenomenal. You do have to wonder why the track wasn't on her record instead of his. Regardless this song is going to be on his greatest hits album, guaranteed.

17. In Your Head - 1 out of 4 - Love the Nostalgia of Em, remaking a Cranberries song, but aside from that the lyrics are poor and the track itself isn't even a good remake of the Cranberries.

18. Castle - 3 out of 4 - Great song showcasing Eminem writing to his daughter, a slight nod to "Stan." The lyrics are quite dark and seem to cover Eminem explaining to his daughter his life since she was born and his struggles at multiple relapses. The song closes with what sounds like Eminem eating some time of drug, most likely medication.

19. Arose  - 3 out of 4 - A beautiful song but beat wise a dissipating ending. Cleary Eminem is rapping about his struggles with addiction, relapse and near-death experiences with overdoses. He seems to be making the attempt to make amends with his family, friends, mother, and ex-wife. The song closes by cutting back into track 18 for a final verse with Em, stating he is quitting rap. The song and the album ends with what sounds like Eminem flushing medication down the toilet, choosing to stay clean.

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Friday, December 15, 2017

The Art of Getting and Keeping Fans

Original article from -

The music industry aside, in your daily interaction with unrelated music companies, such as utility companies, supermarkets, restaurants, etc., as a customer or client, it is easy to recognize those companies that value you as their most important asset, and those companies that do not.

Those that do recognize it, reflect this in how their personnel, who represent them, treat you and react and respond to your immediate needs.

Alternatively, those that do not recognize it and, otherwise, appear to feel that you are there to serve them, allow their employees to present rude and disrespectful behavior to customers, with little (if any) internal repercussions to their employees for doing so.

Now, let's bring this same point closer to home where we the Music industry, and see it through the history of both major record labels and artists, and where it has now come.

Major Record Labels:

Since before the existence of dinosaurs, major record labels have acted as a barrier between their artists and their artists' fans, while severely mistreating their artists in several areas, primarily, financial.

Unbeknownst to the major labels, this would, ultimately, cause dismay and mass resentment from artists and fans alike, spiraling the labels' downfall.

Also, the major labels could not have conceived of a "just dessert" in the form of a proverbial equalizer known as the Internet and other online technology, that would one day arrive on the music scene to not only break down, but obliterate this long-existing barrier between
artists and fans, causing all but a complete loss of control for the labels.


Initially, major label artists enjoyed being catered to, wined, dined and, supposedly, lavished in the trimmings and trappings of success, all the while assuming that their respective labels had their best interest at heart.

Only later, and to the misfortune of many artists, would they discover that ulterior motives lurked in the hearts and darkest corners of their
presidential offices in the forms of price-gouging recoupments, etc.

And, the labels' very purpose for existence was vividly seen through their reaction to fan file sharing, combined with their roosting their talons on the door edges of Washington bureaucrats in efforts to either silence the new voice of technology, set or change their very own policies to fit their current agendas, or both.

What Artists Should Learn From This:

From this scenario, artists should learn to not allow history to repeat itself, in that they distance themselves from their fans, who are their careers' life blood. If fans are not buying your music, you are not an are a liability, even unto yourself.

Hence, do anything you can, and as much as you can to forge the closest relationships possible. And, a perfect example, is a family.

I believe you will agree that, relation aside, the closest family members are the ones who see and interact with each other often, as opposed to members who simply show up at graduations, weddings, reunions or funerals.

Hence, as an artist, *you* are the head of a "family," of which members include your fans. And, as all members must be nurtured and cared for by the heads of households, as the figurative head, it is your obligation and responsibility to touch base with your family members (fans) as often, and as in many ways as possible.

This can include:

1. Mailing List

A regular mailing list to keep them apprised of news and career developments. If your career is highly active, a bi-weekly list will probably be appropriate.

If your career is less active, then a monthly list is acceptable. In both cases, always insure that you have something new to say about what you are currently doing.

2. Discussion List

A discussion list, whereby, you establish a one-on-one contact and actually participate with your fans a few hours per week, as opposed to your list being one of many fan lists hosted by an unfamiliar party.

Fans, generally, understand that you probably lead a fairly busy life. However, your personal participation will go far in guaranteeing a lifelong allegiance to you and your music.

3. "Fan" Discounts

Special "fan" discounts to them on new music.

4. "Fan" Songs

Songs created especially for them in an effort to show your appreciation for their alliance with you. Now, this need not be brand new music, but music that you have, possibly, placed on the
"backburner," so to speak.

5. Customized Fan Press Kits

Personally sending them a, sort of, press kit that has been customized for fans. This might seem slightly expensive at the onset, but will pay for itself many times over during the course of your career and life.

6. Contests & Giveaways

Holding special contests and giveaways exclusively for them. Be sure to make your prizes worth their attention, value-wise.

7. Gift Certificates

Providing them with the opportunity to win gift certificates, both related and unrelated to your music.

8. Raffles

Holding raffles exclusively for your fans and, again, that come with value perceived prizes.

9. Area Car Washes

10. Mall Signings

How about hanging out in the mall for a day, and doing a signing? Even better, hook up with a mall music store to get even better exposure during your signing by passing out flyers on your music?

11. Mall Giveaways

Personally, give away FREE copies of your singles for a day at a mall, directing mall patrons to stop in at the mall music store and pick up your CD.

Make sure your single (which you can either have made at your manufacturer or burn yourself) has your web site and contact info on its label.

12. Buy "In-Store" Airplay

Buy...that's right "buy" some store airplay from a high traffic mall music store. This has several benefits such as:
a. Your music gets guaranteed in-store play, whereby, otherwise, it probably would not.

b. In-store patrons hear your music, whereas otherwise, they would not.

c. Positive response can create orders from in-store buyers, as well as generate interest in the store carrying your music regularly.

For maximum effect, do this in a large mall music store, or a popular high-traffic name brand music store.

13. Poster Mail-out

Do a poster mail-out campaign to fans who bought your CD.

14. Fan Birthdays

Put a form on your web site that asks for your fans' name, mailing address and birthday, while assuring them that you will keep their personal information private.

Then, on their birthdays, surprise them with a gift. You could also send your fan a cute song specifically customized for them. Think that won't be memorable and make a lifelong customer?

15. Fans As Street Teams

Why not turn your fans into promotional street teams? After all, besides you, who knows you and your music better? And, who would ever be more passionate about it than you?

Above all...don't sell your CD for $18.99 (I've even seen some for $22.99), especially in today's market. Plain and just won't work.

Price? $9.99-$11.99 TOPS! And, even at $11.99, you had *better* have some bonus track *and* some serious multimedia happening.

I'm sure you can dream up even more ways to reach out to your fans in the interest of sealing a lifelong relationship with them.

What all the preceding equates to, is your action and execution of a fairly regular intra-marketing plan that becomes extremely successful because so many of your competitors are not even thinking along these promotional lines.

And, as everyone, regardless of their status in life, appreciates recognition to some degree. In small talk, it is simply pleasing to be noticed that you have made a different to someone, at some time. And, your fans will dearly love you for showing them you care about them.

The point is, to get your fans to feeling that they truly know you, and that you are not simply interested in the amount of money you can make off them with your music.

In other words, don't allow them to feel as though they are being used and that, outside of their parting with their money, they are of little or no consequence to you...that the only time they will hear from you again, is when your next CD is released.

Above all, forging a warm and honest relationship with your fans, while also providing them with some, all or even more of the above elements, will pay off far more via word-of-mouth exposure than you can possibly ever imagine.

And, it is certainly something that fans are unaccustomed to receiving from artists or labels. But, you have the opportunity right here...right now to change their perspective.

After all, since most artists are *not* involved with their fans to the degrees above, your being one of the first to do so could, eventually, make you one of your genre's most pioneering and prized staples.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Interview With Gr3g Hunt

1. Where are we talking from today?

This week I'm talking out of NJ.

2. How did you get involved in music?

I got involved in music when I was a BMX athlete picking songs that I would perform to my style and creating BMX videos. This lead to finding the right song for djing underground raves and eventually making my own songs. I would challenge myself like I did in BMX. Wherein BMX every event someone made history to where I try to in music, with every show I try to make history.

3. Can you describe your music?

My music is like that kid you see doing action sports, doing something that people said couldn't be done.

4. Music wise, what are you working on?

I'm working on doing a new EDM sub-genre, new tracks that may turn into an E.P.

5. What would you like to say to your fans and the world?

I love all my fans. I'm very grateful for the fans I have, without you I cannot and would not be here.

A’France Drops “Curious George”

Original article from -

Tennessee based rapper A’France recently took time out to release the banger, Curious George. The track is a trap banger that finds the spitter delivering real bars over spaced out track. The bass is serious and A’France’ flow is solid throughout. Check out Curious George below:


Sunday, December 10, 2017

Taylor Swift Reputation Review

Written by Jasen Keplinger

Taylor Swift is really showing the world what we made her do with her latest album titled Reputation. The album, which is her sixth studio album, sold one million copies within the first four days alone. Released on November 10 2017 the album still currently sits in the number one position on Billboard.

Swift broke records with the release of the first single Look What You Made Me Do on all of the streaming sites while her music video for the single generating many millions of viewers the first night of it's release. Swift released the single many weeks before the release of the album Reputation. She soon followed the first single up with Ready for It which is actually the opening track on the album.

The video for Ready for It was a fantastical sci-fi fantasy and the single landed in the top five on Billboard. The album Reputation is considered to be of the genre electropop and was released by Big Machine Records. The album was the fourth consecutive album by Swift to sell over a million copies within the first week of release.

Swift has released three other singles in the U.S. off of the smash selling album Reputation including: I Did Something Bad, Gorgeous, and Call It What You Want. The singles End Game and New Year's Day also had limited release with End Game, which features Ed Sheeran and rapper Future, being released in France and New Year's Day being released on country music stations.

So far this late in the year Reputation has been the best selling album of the year. It has pushed Swift's music count to five number ones and twenty-two top ten singles. It has already matched her hit album 1989 in number of singles and personally I think both albums are equally impressive. I predict Swift's latest single I Did Something Bad will soon climb the charts to number one. I thoroughly enjoyed the album and felt Swift did a good job delivering an electropop album with mostly dance songs. I feel the album earns an 8 out of 10 and deserves a grade of B. I would strongly suggest giving this album a chance and listening to it, after all its the album of the year!

American Horror Story Cult Finale Blog

Written by Jasen Keplinger

American Horror Story fans were either really happy or really disappointed with the season finale of AHS Cult. I personally enjoyed the finale and thought each character's story was wrapped up well. So let's explore the finale, dissect the plots and analyze their meanings.

This finale was reminiscent of AHS Asylum's finale in the sense that time jumps forward and backward to explain the denouement of Kai (Evan Peters) while also bringing justice to each of the other characters. We start with Kai being in prison at the beginning of the episode. Right away we know his political plans were foiled, but how and why? We see Kai still has a following in prison including other inmates, as well as guards.

Then we are sent into the past where Kai is still free and pursuing his lofty goals. Ally (Sarah Paulson) is still playing up to Kai while looking for an opening and planning his downfall. Winter's (Billie Lourd) character is sorely missed in the finale because Kai had her murdered in the prior episode for betraying him.  At this point, Kai has no siblings left because he has killed them.

Kai begins to plan his most abhorrent strategy yet during the finale. He continues to "see" Charles Manson (also played by Evan Peters) who helps instruct Kai with his plans. Inspired by Manson, Kai plans a "night of a thousand Tates" where pregnant women and their unborn babies will be targeted and killed by his followers. The plan was named after Sharon Tate, who was a pregnant actress murdered by Manson's cult. Kai wants as many victims as possible, although he later lowers the target to a hundred victims. Ally and Beverly (Adina Porter) are disgusted by Kai's plan which leads to Beverly wanting to give up her life. She even asks Ally to kill her; however, Ally puts her back into shape while alluding that Kai's day of reckoning is coming.

Ally leaves the cult compound claiming to be going for snacks and then we see her enter an undercover surveillance van where law officials have been monitoring Kai and his cult. We learn that Ally has been working with the law all along to bring Kai down. Just then they burst into the compound where Kai is apprehended and the majority of his goons taken out. Thanks to Ally and her information Beverly is set free finally.

As if all this isn't enough for the finale, we see the ultimate reversal of roles between Kai and Ally when she decides to run for a high political office by accounting her experiences as a way to become a household name. When Kai finds a way to call Ally from prison, she breaks him by finally revealing that her son Oz is not his son and he decides she must die. By demanding aid from a female prison guard he's having sex with, Kai successfully escapes from prison by faking his death.

Beverly decides to use her experience in the media to help Ally get elected by being her campaign advisor. When it becomes apparent the voters see Ally as a victim, Beverly devises a plan in which Ally can face Kai publicly once and for all. At the next public campaign event, we discover Kai waiting in the audience to assassinate Ally. When his moment comes and he is about to pull the trigger it's revealed the gun is empty. In a flashback, it's revealed that Ally planned the whole encounter and even had the prison guard who helped Kai escape remove the bullets from his gun. Just then we see Beverly emerge with a gun and she finally brings Kai down by shooting him. Beverly finally gets the last word. The season ends with Ally being elected and then it's revealed she is the new grand leader of the all-female cult. What a finale! I thoroughly enjoyed this season and although the typical AHS supernatural elements were missing the show still did a fantastic job exploring American politics, as well as the dark insidious side of cult fanaticism.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

5 Question Interview with Aubrey

Interviewed by Chris Keplinger on 11/7/17

1. Where are we talking from today?

A. "Atlanta, I recently moved here from Lanett, AL, where I lived for close to four years. I'm really looking into getting involved with more music-related charity events or temp work, my passion is music and I believe I have a lot to offer to the future of music."

2. How did you get involved in music?

A. "All in all, if it wasn’t for my family and friends, I would still be recording songs on my phone and being the only one to listen to them. They believed I had something special, and they made me see it in myself. What I would like for anyone who comes across my music is for my music to pull him or her into “Aubrey’s world”. A world that shows you that people can be different on the outside but on the inside, we are all human, and we all have cried, felt heartbreak, and lost someone we loved. I believe those are the true things that make life what it is, and I would just like to share my stories and trials with anyone who's willing to listen and relate."

3. Can you describe your music?

A. "If I had to describe my music I would say a bit of R&B/ Pop, emotional with a bit of flair. I, for the most part, get nothing but positive reviews about my music and it means a lot to me each time."

4. Music wise, what are you working on?

A. "I am working on a small EP titled “ 3X a Diamond”. I named it this because this is the 3rd project I’ve worked on as holding a pursuit of becoming a music artist. It is also my most emotional album for me due to the many changes and loss recently."

5. What would you like to say to your fans and the world?

A. "So anyone willing to explore my world and my ups and downs, I'm willing to accept you as music accepts me."

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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Grisly BK Brings the Past to the Present with His Hip Hop Twist of Tracks "Since Day One" and "Pull Up" with New Project and Music Coming Soon!

Hip hop up and comer Grisly BK has brought the past into the present with his unique style of sound. He takes his music by mixing it up to create content based material that is a blast from the past, literally the sound of yesterday, just as noted prior of his work's being in the past but in the present.

Whilst his music may be a sound of the yesteryear he has gone on to release some singles, including one titled "Since Day One" and another titled "Pull Up". His embracive emotions towards his music is purely aggressive, yet toned remarkable well, that such talent is one that has not been heard before.

That said, Grisly BK will take these singles, going forward with putting together a full-length album or EP release of sorts, collecting his music, where his tracks will fit together into a certain situation where everything is cataloged together into a wholesome trek of well-rounded works of art and raw talent.

Grisly BK will take on the hip hop scene with his material surely hands down, giving all those a glimpse into his past creations brought into the present, having old fashion being new again, except twisted as well. Check out those singles right HERE.

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Monday, December 4, 2017

Brandon James Presents "Love Rising"

 Chicago's very own “ Brandon James" is ready for success, and he wants you to know it. The r&b and soul singer is creating a strong buzz with the recent release of his video “Love Rising” on YouTube.

 "Love Rising" is the first single from the upcoming EP (untitled) scheduled for release in 2018. Links have been provided for the public and media to view the video for "Love Rising."  Radio and media can receive a copy of the video or audio per request.

 Chicago native Brandon James was born "Brandon James Foster". He states that he "started doing music as an outlet for depression early in life. I wasn't very popular in school and I was considered a latchkey kid due to my mother's work schedule and my father's battles with alcoholism." On a teacher's suggestion to find extracurricular activities, Brandon joined the choir. He finished the eighth grade with a determination to elevate his understanding of music and succeed with his own music.

 Constantly challenging himself to become better at his craft, he has taken voice lessons from Bobby Wilsyn, Ars Musica, and Andrew Schultze. He has played with Earth, Wind & Fire and performed at some of Chicago’s most notable venues including the UIC Pavilion and the House of Blues. Brandon has also earned a degree in music performance and business from the Columbia College of Chicago. Forever seeking to share his story and testimony, Brandon seeks to inspire, touch hearts and provoke thought with his music.


Video Link:



Sound Cloud

You Tube



Chris Keplinger
Senior Publicist for Entirely PR

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