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Joe The Bluesman Is Ready For Success

Joe The Bluesman Is Ready For Success

A west coast export making his way south, Joe The Bluesman is  ready for success, and he wants you to know it. The So Cal native is creating a strong buzz, trans-versing the country with his one-man electric blues show. Skoli of Skope Magazine described him as "a rocker who is a bit older and tamer, a wild man of So Cal transversing the country in his RV with his one-man electric blues show."

Now Joe is planning on creating more than a strong buzz with the upcoming release of the E.P “Season,” scheduled for release this summer. The E.P will be will be made available on all major streaming services. A pre-release listening session has been set up for media purposes. A private link will be provided for media and radio to listen and download selected tracks from the E.P per request via email. 

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