5 More must have tools for indie artists

Over my years in the PR business, I have worked with just about every tool/platform available to artists and industry professionals. Below I have provided a list of what I consider to be the 5 must have's for every serious independent artist.

1. Spotify For Artistshttps://artists.spotify.com/
Insights, guides, and tools to help artists get the most out of Spotify.

2. Rotor Videohttps://rotorvideos.com/

Rotor Video is an online music video maker. Create your own music video, intelligently edited to match your song.

3. Radio Airplayhttps://www.radioairplay.com/music+promotion/guaranteed_airplay

Get Your Music Played on the radio to people who like your music. 

4. Muisc Biz Academyhttp://www.musicbizacademy.com/

The Music Biz Academy is a valuable tool for musicians promoting or selling their music on the internet. Extensive music promotion tips, real-world music career advice, music biz articles and a comprehensive resource directory for independent artists.

5. Radio Locatorhttps://radio-locator.com/

The most trusted radio station search engine on the Internet.

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